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3 Simple Ways Anyone Can Create A Side Income

It’s a good time to be looking at ways to create additional income streams

The Guvna
4 min readNov 27, 2020
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Want to make some extra income? Easy just start a side hustle. Rolls eyes and scrolls onto the next one. Even as I write that term, I get a shudder down my back. It’s almost become a sullied term. So from here on in we won’t refer to it as “side hustle”.

We’ll also not refer to it as “passive income”. The term makes for enticing headlines and makes you feel warm and snuggly, doesn’t it? But it’s somewhat misleading as income typically demands some level of effort. At best you might see “semi-passive” income but even that’s perhaps generous.

For many years I’ve searched and tried various ways to create additional income streams both online and offline with little real success. Over the last year however, I’ve made more progress and this has predominantly come via starting a website and monetising via (a) affiliate commissions and (b) ad revenues.

#1 — Start An Affiliate Website

This is actually far simpler than it sounds. But let’s be clear just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it is easy.

Let me explain.

The process itself is relatively straightforward.

You build a content website filled with interesting articles about a particular niche. So let’s say you opt to build a site about bluetooth speakers. You write lots of articles about how to use them, the various types, the best ones available and things of that nature.

Whenever someone visits your website, reads your content, clicks a link onto a product page on a site like Amazon, and then goes onto buy, you get a percentage (typically 2–10%) of their basket. As I said it’s pretty simple to understand.

Your articles will need to be written with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind. This sounds quite technical if you’ve never come across it but it’s far easier to understand the basics and implement than I expected. There also a number of plug-ins (basically little bits of software) that will help you with all the key features you need to give yourself the best chance of…



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