7 Things You Need To Know In Your 20's

The Guvna
6 min readNov 19, 2020

You probably won’t have it all together, but that’s okay.

If you are like many of us, your 20’s were or possibly are a blur of conflicting emotions and competing ideas as you try to figure out how you want to live your life.

From a place where near enough every objective can be picked up from a nice selection of ready-made choices (university; degree) to a place where you have to shape your own destiny with no one else to blame if it goes wrong. It can all feel pretty daunting. I often think back to some of the greatest lessons I’ve picked up in my late 20's and 30’s that could have helped me in my early 20’s. Here are 7 of the ones that stick out the most.

It’s Not A Race

I’ve wasted countless amounts of energy worrying about where I fell into my peer group in a particular area. Having come from a school background where everything was ultra-competitive from the classroom to the sports field and beyond, I set off on a career in the same fashion. I was always sprinting to the next checkpoint.

But the thing is life is not a race and even if it was, you’d be racing against yourself and no one else. Take a moment to breathe, take your time when making decisions, and remember you are only up against the best version of yourself.

In The Real World; ‘Work Hard and Study’ Alone Doesn’t Cut It

I hate to tell you buddy but just because you work your tail off and study hard doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll succeed in life. Now don’t get me wrong, this is still important but it won’t mean there’ll necessarily be automatic life success as a result.

Despite what your teachers might have you believe, simply working hard in the real world doesn’t even come close to cutting it. As well as being very good at what you do, you’ll need to also be very good at connecting with others and forming relationships.

Introvert or not, to make the steps up the ladder (if that’s the way you want to go) or grow in your chosen area, you’ll need to work hard on your connections as well as on your skills and expertise.

There are plenty of factors that will determine your success outside of how well you can do a…



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