Stop Trying To Make $1,000 a Month; Just Focus On Making $1

“Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.”

The Guvna


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For the longest time, I wanted to start some kind of online venture. Each time I had a plan laid out and was set to go I’d think about the money and would lose hope of ever making serious cash. I couldn’t work out how I would go from making $0 on the side to making thousands a month. So I stopped.

It wasn’t until I challenged myself to simply make $1 outside of my 9 to 5 job that things changed. I no longer had to deal with the demotivating effects of thinking about making huge sums and I could focus on the simple task of making $1 outside of my job.

It quickly became a game I thought I could win and five months after starting my affiliate site I made my first $1.

Here are 5 things I’ve learned from focusing on making my first $1.

#1 — You Can Trick The Brain

Trying to wrap your head around the idea of going from making $0 a month online to thousands is too overwhelming for the mind if you’ve never done it before. It can quickly send your brain into stall mode where you don’t see the point in doing any thing.

When you focus on $1 your brain can get excited because it’s a such a small number it can easily make the leap from $0 to $1.

#2 — A Dollar Is An Easy Win

Making $1 in your online journey feels like a massive milestone before you’ve done it but the fact is it’s a relatively easy win.

In all likelihood, the first sum of money you make will be more than $1 but when you are starting out it’s all you need to focus on.

Nevertheless, a dollar represents a nice and easy win for you to get started. Once you have the momentum, you can get rolling from there.

#3 — If you Can Make $1, You Can Make More

Once you’ve made your first $1, you will know from there you can make more. The effort you will likely have put in to earn your first dollar will mean you can replicate it and scale it to make $2 and $10 and so on and so forth.



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