When The Time Comes

The Guvna
3 min readMar 18, 2020

When the day comes and your hours are numbered, what will you have to show. It is a question that has oft run through my mind in recent times.

When the hour is upon me and I ready myself for whatever is coming my way, will I be able to look in the mirror and meet my eye without fear or hesitation that a life spent striving was well spent.

Will I be able to reach into the very depths of my being and be pleased, satisfied even with what I find? Were my time to come tomorrow, I could not.

What I fear I would encounter would be a series of uncomfortable half-truths and opportunities neglected. Possibilities to widen and challenge my understanding forgone for the security of a comfortable life.


Follow The Light

It seems that as children our worlds are filled with boundless possibilities of the things we might see and do when we reach an age that allows us the freedom to choose and explore.

As we run through the gauntlet of the education system these possibilities and thoughts of dreaming are slowly curtailed and sanitised. But for the very few, the rest emerge from the conveyor belt with little thought of living life to its fullest extent but rather, are more concerned with making a sustainable living.

Life becomes a mishmash of compromise. We are conditioned to think this is the way it should be, the way it is required to be. Maybe it is.

Half Measures

Perhaps the world does not allow enough abundance for all to reach for the fantasies that occupy those fleeting moments between subway stops and the long walk home. Those stolen glances filled with yearning and regret as they ponder what might have been as they embark on yet another week of monotony and self-sacrifice.

However, maybe there is another way. A different path that is not taught, less even encouraged in our classrooms and living rooms. The path that demands that every individual should be duty bound to seek out not only what can feed their wallets and purses but also their souls.

This need not mean that every young man and woman strive to be an astronaut or gymnast. But this should mean that all are encouraged to know themselves, to truly…

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